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Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández (Huelva, 1973) career has evolved from colorful and pop paintings, with certain acid humor (focused on the feminine world), to the mysterious scenes he paints nowadays.

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The painted stories

El Mundo Painting catches emotions, like a shoal of silver fishes that falls in a net. The magic of the stopped moment is as mysterious as the dark mechanism that makes a birds flock move together hardly touching themselves. This mystery of the disturbing plays today,... read more

Art in black and white

El Mundo Jorge Hernández exhibits in Caja Rural ‘Todos o ninguno’, in which he leaves aside his colorful palette. After two years of absence from Huelva halls, Jorge Hernández comes back home and do it with an exhibition that breaks up with previous works,... read more

The magic of being ‘trapped’ by black and white images

Odiel Información Jorge Hernández presents his work until 21st in Caja Rural There are evocative paintings that remind of past times, but there are others that wrap you up in the magic of little stories that the author tries to show through the most basic colors:... read more

Jorge Hernández in black and white

Huelva Información From the walls of the Caja Rural del Sur exhibition hall hang, until November 20th, about twenty works from this young author, not only from the new ‘Todos y ninguna’ collection but also from ‘Mi lobo estepario’. With... read more

Black and white maturity

El Mundo To be renewed or die, so they say. To move forward or keep in the same place, anchored. To grow up and evolve or to come to a standstill and resign oneself to be what one is, to stop looking beyond. Those are the options and that’s why Jorge Hernández... read more

Hesse’s ‘The steppen wolf’ devours the painter’s work

Odiel Información From his chosen solitud is born this artist’s creativity Uncommon snippets. Jorge Hernández paints over white sieves. His work is born from an idea conceived on paper and then moved to the canvas. It’s very important to the painter from... read more

Jorge Hernandez sucess

The painter from Punta Umbría Jorge Hernández García, adds the 10th National Painting Award ‘Doñana y su entorno’ to his long list of awards obtained in Huelva.

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Jorge Hernández, winner of ‘Doñana y su entorno’

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